Argumentative Essay Examples, Structure & Topics

Approaching each chapter of a dissertation as a shorter essay can make the task of writing a dissertation seem less overwhelming. Each chapter will have an introduction, a main body where the argument is developed and substantiated with evidence, and a conclusion to tie things together. University essays differ from school essays in that they are less concerned with what you know and more concerned with how you construct an argument to answer the question. This means that the starting point for writing a strong essay is to first unpick the question and to then use this to plan your essay before you start putting pen to paper . Just like the previous one, you can find detailed explanation of ideas in the next supporting evidence paragraph. Relevant examples help the reader believe your take on the issue.

Your essay will need to have a clear thesis statement, and you will need to use evidence from your research to support your thesis. There are 5 types of IELTS essays which can appear in IELTS writing task 2.

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I have scored 8.5 in Listening, Reading & Speaking but writing disappoints every time. Where can I find model answer to evaluate where am I lacking? I have taken 2 computer based tests for far and scheduled 3rd one definition argumentative essay in 5 days. I need band score 7 in Writing to achieve my target. Counselling should be a part of every student’s education. So, if you’re writing a Psychology essay, don’t fill it with historical interpretation.

  1. Essays may also involve providing clear explanations about a topic and allow you to demonstrate your understanding.
  2. When you finish a text, go back and look at the keywords you have repeated.
  3. Cluster these together and consider making one of the keywords the topic of your essay (for example, ‘Decay’ in William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying).
  4. Be sure to document the sources of your information.
  5. An argumentative and persuasive essay are different because, in addition to using logic and evidence, a persuasive essay uses emotion to sway its audience.

These types of essays are for both GT and Academic writing task 2. Below you will find sample essay questions for each type of essay and links to model answers. Please note that IELTS teachers sometimes divide essays into different features of a narrative categories based on how they teach. To anticipate the audiences’ refutation; thereby rendering the argument more objective and rational. The counter-arguments paragraph should not be longer than one or two paragraphs.

Which position is the right one?

A concluding sentence is included in a supporting paragraph. To explain, the explanation must be summarized in one or two sentences at the end of a supporting paragraph. In researching specific topics, students will be able to discern the potential bias of some sources and how those sources might be interpreted to favour one side of an argument or the other. When writing an essay, it is essential that you provide evidence. Make sure your type of evidence is appropriate for the subject you’re writing about. A really good starting point for you are these short, downloadable Tips for Successful Essay Writing and Answering the Question resources. Both resources will help you to plan your essay, as well as giving you guidance on how to distinguish between different sorts of essay questions.

The main aim of a conclusion is to remind the readers of your argument and supporting evidence. Most essays that you write at university will require you to produce a reasoned argument to support a particular viewpoint.

Critical thinking and writing

Hard facts are necessary to sell your hypothesis in a scientific essay. Likewise, don’t bring hard statistics into an English Literature essay. This subject is all about interpretation, and so scientific studies won’t be particularly useful. In contrast, History accepts a wider range of kinds of evidence. Historical statistics are welcome, but historical interpretation is also important.Strong theories written by historians can be used to support your own argument.

argumentative essay definition

No matter how good your ideas are, you need to support them with evidence. Strong evidence is vital for achieving high grades in essay-based assessments. If you make a claim, you must always give evidence for it. In this essay writing guide, we’re going to take a look at how to incorporate evidence into your argument. The main body consists of one or more paragraphs of ideas and arguments.

Argument structure

The discussion in the body of the essay should then defend/support the thesis. Your thesis should also be restated in your conclusion (with something like “As has been demonstrated…”). Despite college students getting used to writing tasks, some how to end a synthesis essay projects still cause many… An ethical argument based on principles will be most effective to audience members who share similar moral beliefs. The reader knows what to expect from the article because the thesis claim clearly explains its stance.

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Advice on planning and writing essays and dissertations

EssayMin is an online writing platform connecting you to the best academic writers. Some topics are more contentious than others and will have a wider spectrum of possible viewpoints. However, even with topics where the authors all appear to agree, there will be nuances of difference. You can focus on these differences to decide your own nuanced position. This may what is an argumentative text lead you to dig a little deeper by reading at least the abstracts of some journal articles. “This morning at 9 am, a school bus collided with a car at the intersection of Jones and Heard streets. There were no injuries on the school bus, but medical personnel performed checks on each student and the driver before those students were transported to their schools.

This will help you to make sure yourself that you really are constructing an argument. You do not need to find a critic who has also made these connections in order to justify your work. The best essays are those that make us look at familiar texts in unfamiliar ways.

Argumentative Essay Format

Argumentative essays require you to convince the reader of that position through a series of sound arguments which lead them to your conclusion. The purpose is to persuade the reader that your conclusion is a logical and sound one, based on the evidence you have presented. The introduction to the argument is the first step in writing an argumentative essay. When writing a narrative essay, authors should make the story as vivid as possible in order to engage the reader. Because narrative essays are frequently written in the first person, the reader is more engaged. Choosing the proper sort of essay to write in response to a writing prompt is crucial to answering the question correctly on examinations.

  1. The goal of a documented essay is to use external sources to support or refute an argument.
  2. The U.S tech Industry alone employs over 12.2 million workers and contributes more than 10% to its GDP.
  3. A documented essay is a piece of writing that is based on facts and research.
  4. For longer essays, you may need to set the scene of the topic first, so it may be two or three paragraphs in length.
  5. However, writing essays, for many students, can be challenging, and even writing argumentative essays in middle school.
  6. Statement, usually at the end of the first paragraph.
  7. In this case, the topic sentence announces your point of view and supports the thesis statement as well.
  8. The ultimate aim of an essay is to discuss or defend a thesis through an argument based on reasoning and evidence.

Approach your lecturer to determine who your target audience should be. If you are not sure who your target audience is, address your arguments to everyone. These are intended to prove that the argument is valid and credible. Supporting paragraphs have certain characteristics. The main clause must be included in the subordinate clause, as well as a full explanation of the topic. It provides evidence in the form of arguments and examples. Although many students and tutors will say that the introduction is often written last, it is a good idea to begin to think about what will go into it early on.

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topics for 2023

You often don’t need more than one or two examples to make a point; you need to make theories, issues or arguments clear, but not verbose. Make sure you keep within the word limit set for the essay. Many students find it easier to proofread from the printed page rather body paragraph examples than a computer screen, but do think about using technology to support your proofreading process. For many students, writing essays at university may be difficult to begin with and it is very important to pay attention and try and respond to any feedback you receive.

argumentative essay definition

A writer could describe a person, a location, an item, or even a memorable memory. This is not, however, a descriptive essay for the sake of description. The goal of a descriptive essay is to convey a deeper meaning through description.


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