Money Order Deposits At Top Online Casinos In 2022|Casinos Accepting Money Order

Money Order Deposits at Top Online Casinos in 2022|Casinos Accepting Money Order

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Casinos Accepting Money Order

Nowadays, speed seems to be the most important factor for those looking to deposit money at online casino sites. Well, if you’re one of the people looking for fast deposits, you might want to head to another page. Why? Because this page is all about paying using a money order – something that can take days to do but is still preferred by those who are incredibly security conscious online. If you’re savvy, this payment option won’t cost too much money to use, however you won’t find that it’s accepted at the vast majority of online gambling websites.

We’re going to go through both the good and the bad aspects of this depositing option on this page. Once you’ve finished reading, you’ll know if it’s the perfect depositing option for you or not.

Getting Started

Those looking to use this payment method will first have to find a place selling them. Places offering them include convenience stores, pharmacies, grocery stores, Post Offices, and banks. Just head up to the counter and ask to purchase one, plus tell them how much it should be worth. It’s then simply a case of paying for the money order plus also paying a small fee. The fee is generally around $1 when bought in a store or Post Office – avoid banks, as they can charge up to $5. Make sure to get a receipt when making the purchase, as this makes it easier to track and cancel the payment should the slip go missing.

It is important to mention this: slips usually have a maximum value of $1,000. This means that those looking to deposit more than this (which isn’t going to be a huge number of people) will have to buy multiple slips. This is why the highest spending players generally avoid this payment method, preferring to instead use something with higher deposit limits, such as a check.

Once you have your slip(s) in your hand, it’s then time to find an online casino accepting deposits in this way – something you can do by reading through the various casino reviews found right here on this site.


Once you’ve found a site accepting this depositing method, you’ll need to find out who should be paid – don’t just write in the name of the online casino, as often the slip has to be made payable to a different company. The address of the recipient might also be required, so ask for this as well. Once you have all the details, fill out the required fields on the slip. Do not forget to sign the slip at the bottom – unsigned slips simply can’t be processed when they reach the casino!

Next up, stick the slip in an envelope and then send it to the chosen casino. It is completely safe to mail this payment method, as only the intended recipient can cash it in. Keep the receipt, just in case the mail goes missing for some reason. Once the casino receives the slip and processes it, they will add the money to your online casino account – from start to finish, this method can sometimes take a couple of weeks.


It is very rare to find an online gambling site offering withdrawals using this option – it’s far more likely to see them offering checks instead. If you do receive payment of this type from a casino, simply take it to a bank and pay it into an account. It is also possible to exchange the slip for cash, although the bank or issuer might not be in a position to give you the full amount, especially if it’s a large sum of money. This is why we recommend depositing the slip into a bank account to everyone who asks.


The biggest advantage of this payment method is easy to point out: it’s security. We can’t think of many safer ways to deposit money online, as once written, the slip can only be cashed in by the intended recipient. Even if someone did intercept the post and steal the slip, there would be no way for them to extract any money from it. In that instance, the player would simply cancel the slip and, using the receipt they’ve retained, go and get a replacement. Using this method also means that players won’t have to input banking details online – something that many people are still very wary to do.

Another advantage is the fact that this payment method is cheap to use – providing it is not purchased from a bank. As already mentioned, most people using this method will have to pay around $1, which isn’t too bad, especially when making larger deposits. Of course, it is possible to find free depositing methods, however, we think that $1 isn’t a bad price to pay for the amount of security this payment option brings. Those using e-wallets, such as Neteller and PayPal, will find themselves paying much higher fees.

Finally, you’ll be able to find many vendors for this payment method, and this is the case in many countries throughout the world. This means that it shouldn’t be too difficult for people to find a place selling them nearby. Of course, this might not be the case for those living in more rural areas though.


The biggest disadvantage is the fact that deposits are incredibly slow. Those looking to deposit in this way will have to purchase the slip, fill everything out, mail it to the online casino and then often wait a while for the casino to process the payment. The result? Some find themselves waiting for up to two weeks for the money to hit their account. This means that those choosing this depositing option really need to plan ahead, plus it also means that there’s no chance of them getting to play their favorite online casino games on the spur of the moment.

The other disadvantage is the fact that, while many places sell this payment option, there aren’t too many casinos that will allow people to pay in this way. This means that the variety of casinos available to a player looking to deposit in this way won’t be too large. If you’re still desperate to deposit using this method though, you can check out the list on this page of casinos accepting this deposit method.


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